by churchfrequency on July 10, 2007

Kaleo Houston Bring-vitation

Kaleo Bring-vitation

At Kaleo, I have split our marketing effort into two main categories — “Interruption Marketing” and “Word-of-Mouth.” Those are pretty industry standard terms so, without going into both, I will tell you about our “Word-of-Mouth” effort.

I believe word-of-mouth is one, if not the most, effective forms of marketing. There is nothing that has more credibility than someone who is NOT paid to be a walking advertisement. Knowing this, I created a small pocket size card with the vital details of Kaleo’s Sunday morning gathering on it. No fancy copy and no crazy artwork.

Kaleo Bring-vite

The photo on the front is of two actual families at Kaleo. We took them to a park and shot them…with a camera.

Kaleo Bring-vite

The copy is simple because the idea behind this card is not that it would act alone, but that it would simply be a tangible reminder of a verbal and relational invitation from a co-worker, friend, classmate, or acquaintance. They are called “BRING-vites” because we have called our people to “BRING” people to church, not just invite them. There is a strong relational element to this and we like that. The people at Kaleo liked it too — the cards have moved like free candy.

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